Los Angeles California, United States November 08, 2012 Music Release

Glittertown Records has set a November 23rd release date for the debut album, “Counter Clockwise”.

Velvet Symphony, which is the brainchild of composer/producer Ed Melendez, will feature an all instrumental ten track LP. Inspired by the classic progressive rock groups of the sixties and early seventies, such as Yes, Genesis, The Moody Blues, STYX and Kansas, as well as neo-progressive groups like: Marillion, Saga, Dream Theater and Porcupine tree. This will be Ed’s first all instrumental prog-rock musical project.

The ten track album will include music written, arrange and produced by songwriter Ed Melendez who has been involved in music production for over the last twenty years. A self taught composer and recording engineer, Ed has produced and been a part of a number of musical projects. He has also composed several stage adaptation and has composed several scores for a number of videos game projects.

The work to create the album began with the composing of ten short musical riffs. Ed then went back and added the layers and orchestrations to each of the ten riffs expanding them thematically both in length and in instrumentation. Ed’s progressive rock influences are clearly evident in each of the ten tracks.

Those joining Ed on the album include: Lead Guitar: Alexander Moss, Rhythm Guitar: Nicolas James, Acoustic Guitar: Dean Vincent, Bass: Walter Taylor, Drums/Percussion: Todd Harrison, Hand Bells: Nancy Michaels, Strings: Madeleine Grace and Keyboards/Piano/Synth:Ed Melendez.

The first single which is accompanied by its own music video is: Going To Jupiter. An elaborate piece that explores quite a lot in just under 2:18. The rest of the album is heavily laid with grinding guitar leads, flowing melodies, and a tight rhythm section.

The musical elements of each of the ten songs are also quite unique. Each of the songs starts in one distinct style and leaves the listener in a very different place when finished.

To celebrate the release of “Counter Clockwise”, Velvet Symphony will be giving away a free copy of the album to the first ten email requests received each day between November 20th and 30th, 2012. So a free CD for each of the 10 days will be given out. Winners will have their choice of either a free MP3 download of the album, or they can be mailed a physical CD.

There will be much more to share as the album becomes available.

Glittertown Records
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